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Introducing our new
Pole Barn Kits

Our superior Pole Barn Kits are a perfect solution

WRPWe all definitely need extra space. We just help collect more toys. We clearly can’t just let them sit in the yard with our punishing Georgia sun.

Without a doubt, storage space along with a workspace is something we would all like. So first and foremost the pole barn kits have to meet these important points:

  1. Good quality product
  2. Clear instructions and easily assembled
  3. Value for money

With these 3 main points, Waycross Roofing Products is now offering Pole Barn Kits utilizing a steel truss system for additional support and quality.

Our kits make it quick and easy to assemble by even a do-it-yourself homeowner. Alternatively, we have a list of contractors that can price out the installation for you. Our Pole Barn kits include everything you need to assemble your post-building structure, except the lumber.​

Subsequently, our Pole Barn building kits are commonly being used for Barns, Garages, Storage buildings, Arenas, and much more.

  • Unlimited Building Options
  • Clear Span from 10′ up to 80′ wide.
  • Steel Truss Spacing Standard is 10′
  • Made in the 100% Certified USA Steel
  • Includes Hardware to Bolt together
  • Bolt Together Truss Designs
  • Pre-Welded purlin Cups
  • Pre-Drilled Bolt Holes


Our standard pole barn building kit comes with the poles and roof covered and has open sides. Importantly, as your finances or requirements change, you can come back latter and add the walls for a enclosed steel truss post frame building.

  • Steel Trusses
  • Painted Metal Roofing Panels
  • Ridge Caps
  • Gable Edge Trims
  • Eave Edge Trims
  • All Mounting screws, bolts
  • List of lumber you will need

Our Standard Pole Barn Kit will give you a complete roof with open sides with everything except the lumber.​​

Building Kit with Enclosed Walls

Our enclosed pole barn building kit comes with the walls enclosed and roof covered. A perfect solution for a workshop, vehicle storage, or horse barn.

We are here to help you with either an open or enclosed pole barn at the best price possible.

  • Steel Trusses
  • Painted Metal Roof Panels
  • Ridge Caps
  • Gable Edge Trims
  • Eave Edge Trims
  • Outside Wall Corner Trim
  • Base Trim for bottom of walls
  • J Channel for top of wall panels
  • Drip Cap For Above Doors
  • All Mounting screws, bolts
  • List of lumber you will need

This Enclosed Walls kit will give you a complete roof with enclosed walls with everything except the lumber.

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Gallery of Frame & Pole Barn Projects

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Our thanks go out again to our contractors for supplying these images.

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