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Metal Roof homeowner installation guide

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It should be noted that if you’re thinking of a metal roof homeowner installation please tell us and we will happily guide you through the ordering process and try to insure you have everything you need for it.


      1. WRPFirstly, remove the old roofing. Although you can install metal roofing over shingles, for the best foundation, it is recommended that all the old roofing be removed. On the other hand if you choose to leave the old shingles you don’t want them to come in contact with your new roof as they will react and can cause rusting to the metal. You will have to do stage 6 and add wooden battens.
      2. Importantly if you come across any large nails that are sticking out, either remove them and put them or hammer them flush so that they aren’t a danger to anyone working. Repair any damage. including any damage to the OSB sheathing (the wood under the shingles).
      3. Add your insulation layer. In particular this membrane helps to block moisture from getting trapped between the metal roof and the wooden sheathing. Use roofing felt horizontal, starting at the bottom of the roof and working upwards with an overlap to cover the entirety of the roof and secure it with a staple gun or nails, then cover it with a breathable membrane.
      4. Install the edging. The edging, also known as eave flashing, consists of metal strips that are used to cover the perimeter of the roof. WRP has these. Use your 1¼” nails to secure the flashing to the sub roof.


      1. WRPNow it’s time to add the metal panels. Importantly always begin working at the point with the longest peak-to-eave distance. Take your first sheet of metal and place it on the roof so that it overhangs the edge at least ¾”. This is the most important panel because you must take care the first piece is aligned precisely square (perpendicular) to the edge.
        Use your washer head screws, WRP has these, to secure the metal to the OSB sheathing.
      2. Without a doubt, if you have left the old roof on with the original shingles you should nail on some 1″ x 4″ battens WRP has these, horizontal. Space your screws about 12″ apart down the entire piece of metal. Make sure that the screws are all aligned evenly left to right and up and down, as you will be able to see them from the ground and it looks so much better.
      3. All the fasteners will be exposed, so avoid over-tightening the fastener. It should be noted that each fastener has a durable rubber grommet that seals the roof from the weather. Tighten the fastener just enough to seal. But if you over-tighten and the grommet is expanded and displaced. Moreover, if you do this you must remove and replace, additionally if the washer is missing.
      4. Continue installing the metal panels, importantly, making sure that the edges overlap at least 1″, with the adjacent panel. Do this until the entire roof is covered. Start from the left and move to the right, never start both ends and hope they will match up, they never do.


      1. WRPLastly, with the panels complete, add the flashing WRP has these. This is the metal trim similar to the eave flashing, except that it is placed over joints in the roof where different sections meet. This should be used on eaves and in valleys (points where 2 sections less than 140 degrees meet) and as end caps over the tops of 2 sides that meet. Be sure to cut this metal at the correct angle before installing it. Valleys go in first and the panels go over the top but on eaves, the panels go on first with the eaves going on top to weather tight it.

Metal Roof homeowner installation Videos

In addition, below are a few videos we found on YouTube. Please note this page of Metal Roof homeowner installation tips and videos are here only as a guide, they’re not to be used as a how-to guide and WRP can’t be held responsible for anything mentioned or said in the videos that of the steps above. All WRP has done is to gather some useful info on installation for our homeowners thinking of installing a metal roof themselves, please use due diligence.


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